The Digitize Module

In this series Barbara will walk you through the digitize module, starting at the initial setup, and ending with linking your finished tracing and superimposition for Treatment Simulation. You will learn how to create a tracings quickly and discover how all of the tools on the Digitize interface function.

Dolphin Concierge Module

The Dolphin Concierge is a feature in DM v10.5 that allows practices to initiate and complete simple workflows remotely with their patients, without requiring a login, using essentially any device available with an internet connection and a modern browser. These workflows begin with your practice sending the patient a link in an email and/or SMS message. The recipient can then tap or click the hyperlink to complete the specific workflow through a browser-based interface.

Most Common Financial Questions

This video series covers the top calls that Dolphin Support rep’s get! In this series you will learn the basics of Dolphin Management’s Patient Financials’ along with the top scenarios that Dolphin tech support see’s on a daily basis.

The Specialty Module

In this Specialty series we take a look at the general setup as well as big ticket items like the Insurance Worksheet, the Fee Schedule, and Overrides. This series is designed to teach you how to setup your Specialty module and give insight for how to best utilize these tools.

Setting up and using the SMS Module

This series of videos covers the signup, features, and setup of the Dolphin SMS module. After viewing this series you will know how to send text messages to your patients and utilize the new Messaging Center.

2020 Dolphin Meeting, Austin: Moving from Conflict to Chemistry

Presented by Christine Townsend, Practice Management Consultant

According to Dr. David Keirsey, psychologist and author, “Breakdowns in communication have a direct relationship to turnover, morale, and performance.” The ability to navigate through and resolve conflict is a valuable skill that a practice must have in order to gain and retain high-performing employees. People are different, and conflict is inevitable. Using the Keirsey theory, I’ll share how differences in temperament affect the way people communicate and act toward each other. Attendees will learn how to move from conflict to chemistry and work better together, as a team.

Understand how different temperaments affect working relationships and practice culture
Recognize signs of trouble and learn how to resolve them
Discover effective ways to communicate with the four temperaments that have been observed in animal and human behavior for more than 2,000 years

2020 Dolphin Meeting, Austin: Advanced Financials with Collections

With Raylyn Nelson

In this class we will work through contracts: signing contracts electronically in office or prior to coming to appointments; payment proposals; and recurring payments. You will learn how to handle adjustments to a single ledger or within family ledgers. We will also review reports and practice analysis.

2020 Dolphin Meeting, Austin: Patient Engagement with Dolphin Management

Presented by Trish Fisher

In this class, you will learn the options and steps to engage your patient using the Dolphin Management Suite of products.

2020 Dolphin Meeting, Austin: Management - Back to Basics

Presented by Trish Fisher

Let's step back to Dolphin Management Basics: In this class, we will go over the Options items; Basic Patient Entry and Information Screens; Basic Tx Card Entries; and Basic Treatment Type Set up. This session will review the core of Dolphin Management


2020 Dolphin Meeting, Austin: Dolphin 3D - Basics and Beyond

Presented by Barbara Brinker

Join us to see all you can do with Dolphin 3D! From importing a DICOM file (from a disk, file or your CBCT scanner), to orienting and segmenting your data, creating x-rays, slices and nerve canal tracings, airway measurements, 3D reports and more. Import .stl model files as well, to measure or use for planning your treatment. We will touch on the “basics” and then focus on the more advanced features of the software as time allows.

2020 Dolphin Meeting, Austin: Dolphin MyOrthodontist App for Patients

Presented by Bobby Morales

Learn how easy it is for patients and billing parties to fill out forms; view account information; receive correspondence; see past and future appointments; access Dolphin Aquarium videos; and make payments via Dolphin MyOrthodontist App.

2020 Dolphin Meeting, Austin: Specialty Module (Pedo)

Presented by Steve K.

This class will cover the Dolphin Management Specialty module for Pediatric dentistry. We will learn tips and tricks for setting up financials and the new dental tooth chart.

2020 Dolphin Meeting, Austin: TADs and Implants: From Planning to Placement

Presented by Paul Thomas, DMD, MS, FDS

This seminar will cover factors in selecting TAD hardware and how to plan the optimum location for maximum stability. Discussion will include using the implant/TAD planning that is included in Dolphin 3D, along with the new 3D Drill Guides add-on module to design drilling guides to ensure accurate placement and success.

2020 Dolphin Meeting, Austin: Dolphin Management Pearls for Doctors

Presented by Steve Murray

Learn what you need to run an effective office, from reports, to analysis, and more!

2020 Dolphin Meeting, Austin: Aquarium - Dive into Dolphin Aquarium

Presented by Barbara Brinker

This session will explore the Aquarium patient education program. See how to search for movies, add your own content, create playlists, publish your movies (on YouTube or your website), edit the start and endpoint of the movies, add soundtracks, and more. This class will help you get the most out of this amazing product


2020 Dolphin Meeting, Austin: Management - Dolphin Interactive Report Tool (DIRT)

Presented by Marsha West

The Dolphin Interactive Report Tool is a powerful feature. Learn how use it effectively to create custom reports and use them to communicate with patients.

2020 Dolphin Meeting, Austin: Management - Using Dolphin to Effectively Manage Your Schedule

Presented by Trish Fisher

Do any of the following describe your practice?

-Double-digit percentages of Active Patients with No Future Appointments and/or No-Shows.
-Too many Observation/Pre-orthodontic Patients without a recall.
The ratio of daily production versus time scheduled in your satellite office(s) is low.
-Not enough scheduled time in your main practice location.
Your schedule is jam-packed one day and wide-open the next.
You are unsure how to easily obtain and/or utilize this type of information.

If any of these scenarios are familiar to you, come to this class to learn how features within Scheduling, Communication, Recall, and Reporting and Analysis can help you reclaim your Schedule for a happier workflow and improved efficiency and profitability.

2020 Dolphin Meeting, Austin: Imaging & Management – What's New

Presented by Ken Gladstone & Dewitt Blankenship

Come join the Imaging and Management development teams to learn what’s new with Dolphin software. The teams will review key new features in the latest versions and give a sneak peek at new features in development.

2020 Dolphin Meeting, Austin: Management - Super Questionnaire

presented by Megan Martin

This class will cover all the ways to use Super Questionnaire, including for patient forms and letters. We will go through the setup, and answer any questions you may have.

2020 Dolphin Meeting, Austin: Imaging - Quality and Efficiency

Presented by Vickie B. Rudd

Vickie gives a comprehensive review of select features that increase practice efficiency, including how to manage custom settings, quickly search patient records, and consistently create high quality images. Vickie’s illustrated handout is an at-a-glance user guide. Free download at

2020 Dolphin Meeting, Austin: Status Codes: A Simple System to Increase Production and Manage Patient Flow

Presented by Vickie B. Rudd

Simple status codes based on stages of treatment are essential to high production and on-time completion. Vickie shows you how to organize and streamline your status codes, and use status data to manage patient flow, build your schedule and track practice performance. Vickie’s detailed handout is a great reference for staff and future new-hires. Free download at

2020 Dolphin Meeting, Austin: Fundamentals of an Efficient Practice

Presented by Marsha West

Attend this session to learn how Dolphin Imaging and Management can help you streamline your orthodontic practice to be more efficient and profitable.

2020 Dolphin Meeting, Austin: Aquarium - AQ to the Max!

Presented by Paul Thomas, DMD, MS, FDS

Aquarium has multiple new features and enhancements to increase its value as a patient education and informed consent program. In addition, movie content can be exported and edited by adding titles, transitions, clinical content, annotation and soundtracks. Replay speed can be controlled and the movie published and re-imported into Aquarium, or converted to a variety of other formats for use outside the Aquarium browser.

2020 Dolphin Meeting, Austin: The Truth About Online Marketing, What Really Works in 2020?

Presented by Mary Kay Miller, Internet Marketing Consultant

Tired of spending thousands of dollars on online marketing every year? As an internet marketing consultant, I test a variety of products and services and also receive a ton of feedback from clients abut what works and what doesn’t. Learn more about a wide range of insights to guide you and your staff to set reasonable marketing goals.

2020 Dolphin Meeting, Austin: Personal Cyber Security and Protecting Yourself from the Evils of the Internet

Presented by Steven McEvoy, Orthodontic Technology Consultant

Steve will discuss ways you can protect your Dolphin data—and yourself—from hackers and other online threats.

2020 Dolphin Meeting, Austin: Management - Treatment Card/Tooth Chart (Advanced)

Presented by Raylyn Nelson

This class will focus on how to setup and utilize Treatment Card and Tooth Chart to the max. I will show how to setup multiple Treatment Card layouts for different treatment types (Brackets, Invisalign, TMJ). We will review how to setup custom chart notes and look up items to make charting effortless. We will go over setting up and using the Tooth Chart options such as brackets, arch wires, and elastics. This class will also go into more advanced features such as Tooth Chart prescriptions and Treatment Plans.

2020 Dolphin Meeting, Austin: Management - Beginner Financials

Presented by Marsha West

This class will provide you with the basic tools to efficiently manage the daily financial processes in your office. Important daily financial reports and monthly reports will be shown to help best keep track of your accounts receivable.

2020 Dolphin Meeting, Austin: Imaging: 3D Digital Study Models - Look Ma! No Plaster!

Presented by Paul Thomas, DMD, MS, FDS

The Dolphin 3D Digital Study Models software eliminates the need for impressions and plaster to improve in-office efficiency. Scanned digital models are imported into this module and used for analysis, planning TAD and implant placement, design of bruxism appliances, as well as implant drilling and orthognathic surgery guides. The models can be digitally based, engraved with patient identification and exported for in-office printing prior to fabrication of vacuum or pressure-formed retainers. This presentation will review the program features and its use in improving study model related work-flow.

2020 Dolphin Meeting, Austin: Management - Ortho Zen: Hummingbird Systems Calm the Chaos

Join the Karen Moawad with the Hummingbird consulting team for an interactive session that will leave you brimming with possibilities, and an action item list that will drive your agenda at the Dolphin Meeting and for the entire year! Each consultant will share their expertise in key functional areas of the orthodontic practice – Hummingbird Practice Systems, Management and Administrative Systems, Clinical Systems, The New Patient Process, Financial Systems, and Dolphin Software Enhancements; all with an eye toward the future of Orthodontics and Practice Management. This dynamic session is highly rated every year, and a crowd favorite you do not want to miss!

2020 Dolphin Meeting, Austin: Management - All About Insurance

Presented by Megan Martin

Attend this webinar to get your Top 5 common insurance questions answered! We will cover: addressing new or cancelled insurance policies during treatment; simplifying specialty claims; continuation claim tracking; updating employer plans; and recommended reports.

2020 Dolphin Meeting, Austin: Dolphin Mobile New Features

Presented by Andy Barajas

This class will cover the Dolphin Mobile app for doctors and staff. I will be reviewing all existing features such as patient charts; scheduling; questionnaires; care calls; signature capture; Treatment Card image capture; Aquarium; and useful information pertaining to patients, billing parties and doctors. Along the way I will be introducing *NEW* features like patient sign-in; viewing/updating patient comments; uploading files to the DDO; signing documents; viewing doctor's contacts and history; multi-specialty support; and more. Finally, I'll give a sneak peek at exciting new features to come!

2020 Dolphin Meeting, Austin: Personality Poker

With Shannon Brockway, Consultant/Implementation Specialist
Sue Hanen, Director of Consulting Services.

Join us for this fun, interactive session and play Personality Poker. Created by Stephen Shapiro and psychologically tested by Michael Wiederman, professor or psychology at Columbia College in South Carolina, Personality Poker is the playing card tool for driving high-performance teamwork and innovation.

2020 Dolphin Meeting, Austin: Imaging - Ceph Tracing from Start to Finish

Presented by Kim Franks

Dolphin’s Ceph Tracing software allows you to quickly and accurately trace lateral and frontal cephalometric images as well as complete arch analysis. It allows you to easily create and compare superimpositions of progress and final tracings, and much more. In this class you’ll learn how to use Dolphin’s high-tech, industry-proven program to increase the accuracy and reduce the tedious and time-consuming task of tracing. You’ll also learn how to use the enhancement features, and how to customize your analysis.

2020 Dolphin Meeting, Austin: Anywheredolphin & Letters

Presented by Steve Murray

Get the updates on one of the fastest growing and least understood Dolphin products!

Learning AnywhereDolphin

In this series Daniel will guide you through all the features of AnywhereDolphin. You will learn how to use the share wizard, upload and download patients, share your information with other doctors and even view 3D volumetric data with our FREE Dolphin Imaging Viewer.

Texting your patients with Dolphin SMS Module

Join Rachel in learning about the different features and capabilities of the SMS module. She will be going over how to sign up and set up the module, send out general SMS messages, how to send out appointment reminders, and much much more!

Dolphin Mobile

Webinar reviewing the new features for Dolphin Mobile 4.0. Topics include the Updated User Interface, Super Questionnaire, Aquarium, Care Calls, Home Screen Customization, Image Capture, and Help and Language Support

Imaging - Features of 11.9

Click HERE for a downloadable PDF that outlines all the new features in Dolphin Imaging!

Check out an informative overview of all the features available in the 11.9 release of the Dolphin Imaging software.

Imaging - Dolphin Letter System for Imaging Only Users

This Webinar series will outline the basics of the Dolphin Imaging Letter System. Use this system in conjunction with your Dolphin Imaging (if you do not use Dolphin Management) to record your clinical findings, and organize these findings into a letter for the patient and/or the referring doctor. You will also see how to set up other questionnaires to facilitate quick and comprehensive letters for other purposes. See how to automatically include patient photos in your letters, and how to streamline the entire letter-writing process for your practice.

Management - Dolphin Interactive Report Tool (DIRT)

For this webinar on the Dolphin Interactive Report Tool, join Trish as she demonstrates creating a DIRT report, filtering & grouping the data, and how to interact with the results of the report.

Imaging - Layout Editor

Join Barbara to see how to fully customize your layouts for any and all patient images and information. See the latest & greatest features and time saving ideas!

Management - Patient Chart Overview

Treatment Coordinators, this one’s for you! As requested, a webinar done in an overview style - Follow along with Kris as he explains all about how different parts of the edit menu work together to create a cohesive patient chart. This informative video will take you through all facets of the patient chart - how to edit a patient, the ‘patient more’ tab, billing parties, appointments, relationships, patient status, comments, referrals, and history. Kris shows you how to use the custom tab and gives you a list of shortcut keys to give you a faster way to get to the screens you frequently visit.

Imaging - Consultation Module

Utilize the Dolphin Imaging Consultation module to fully educate your patients with regard to their treatment options. Learn how to morph images using cut and paste and image morphing techniques, as well as illustrating desired treatment outcomes quickly and easily. Create an Image Library of your own cases, and incorporate these images into informative slide shows for your clientele. Show your patients what they will look like with braces on, and also what they may look like with a “perfect” smile.

Management - Canadian Insurance

A webinar sure to be helpful for our Canadian customers! Watch and have all your questions answered about how to navigate insurance information in Dolphin.

Imaging - Preparing Cases in Dolphin for the ABO

This webinar series covers Dolphin's recommended procedures for preparing a case for submission to the ABO (American Board of Orthodontists). These techniques are also useful for general purpose case workup.

Management - Scheduled Reminders

Click HERE for a downloadable PDF that outlines all new features in Dolphin Management!

New and exciting additions available in Dolphin Management! Check out our new webinar tutorials for each new feature.

Management - Dolphin MyOrthodontist Mobile App

Click HERE for a downloadable PDF of our Setup & Users Guide!

In this new webinar series on the MyOrthodontist Mobile App we will guide you through set-up and customization, how your patients will be able to use the app, as well as other ways to utilize MyOrthodontist to share Aquarium content.

Imaging - 3D Digital Study Models

The new 3D Digital Study Model software module was designed for doctors who want to work with 3D study model data in addition to 2D patient data. This Webinar series walks you through Importing, Orientation, Sculpting, Viewing & Measuring, and Using 3D models for 2D Arch Analysis in Dolphin Imaging.

Management - Email with Secure Attachments

Dolphin Management has Email with Secure Attachments! This feature will allow you to share your documents and patient records securely via Part 1 will walk you through configuring your system so that you can successfully send emails with secure attachments to patients, billing parties and doctors. In Part 2, we will guide you through successfully sending emails with secure attachments using your SMS/Email Manager. We will see how our letter batch is affected by this new mail method and we will review receiving the emails from the patient's perspective. Finally, we will show logging into as a new and existing user and once logged in, we will get a chance to view the documents using the new documents option!

Imaging - Features of 11.8

Click HERE for a downloadable PDF that outlines all new features in Dolphin Imaging!

Check out an informative overview of the features that were introduced in the 11.8 release of the Dolphin Imaging software.

Imaging - 3D Orthognathic Surgery Planner

These webinars provide a step-by-step overview of the Orthognathic Surgery Planner. See how the 8 step planning wizard allows you to define surface files, define the osteotomy cuts and simulate the planned surgical treatment. Finish the proposed treatment by creating the intermediate and final surgical splints.

Imaging - Image Capture

Learn how to capture your patient images into Dolphin Imaging. You can capture photos from your own camera (memory card or image files), as well as radiographs from digital sources or traditional films that are scanned. See how efficiently Dolphin Imaging can manage your patient images from all sources.

Management - Patient GPS

This webinar series will cover the patient "Global Position System". You can use the patient GPS to manage and track your patients as they transition from one appointment status to the next during an office visit. We will cover the customization of the GPS tools and management of your patients using these tools during appointments.

Management - Scheduling

Patient appointments are easily managed with custom time increments (2-minute to 60-minute), unlimited chairs/columns and unlimited office locations. You can also design schedule templates for each day and location, featuring color-coded appointment types, doctor time tracking, printing of appointment tickets and school excuses, as well as week-at-a-glance views.

Management - Reports

These webinars will guide you in using the reporting option within Dolphin Management. Choose from a list of more than 80 predefined reports on financials, patient information, scheduling, treatment card and labels. Examples include end-of-day, receipts, transactions, production and practice summaries.

Management - Billing Party Invitations & Balance Grid

There are some exciting new additions with Dolphin Management!
Below are webinar tutorials for each new feature.

Management - Dolphin Letter System (DLS)

This webinar series will guide you through the entire Dolphin Letter System, through Dolphin Management.

Management - Treatment Planning

Treatment plans can be used to populate visit and next visit entries from within your treatment card. In addition, we can use the treatment plans to populate other treatment card columns such as arch wires and treatment notes, and even tooth chart! Learn how to do all of this and much more in this comprehensive webinar on treatment planning.

Management - Adding a New Patient

Learn how properly add a new patient into Dolphin Management. You will learn how to link family accounts, shortcuts and more.

Management - Tooth Chart

This webinar will show you how to set up your general tooth chart.

Management - Setting Up Electronic Filing with Emdeon

Many advantages come with using Emdeon in conjunction with the insurance features of Dolphin Management.  This webinar will teach you how to enable your system for electronic filing and will walk you through the steps of sending a live claim.

Imaging - McLaughlin Dental VTO (hosted by Dr. Richard McLaughlin)

The McLaughlin Dental VTO is an interactive software program to help analyze and evaluate tooth positions for planning precise, quantifiable movement of dentition. Based on the theories of Dr. Richard McLaughlin, renowned clinician, author and lecturer, it can be used for both orthodontic and surgical-orthodontic cases.

Management - Super Questionnaire

These webinars will walk you through enabling, designing, and utilizing the Super Questionnaire-Online Questionnaire. In order to successfully send online questionnaires to your patients, you must first enable the software. Join us as we perform a step by step tutorial on this configuration.

Management - Online Questionnaire

Your Super Questionnaires can be shared online via We will walk through setting up an account through, linking this account to your database, customizing, and utilizing your online questionnaire.

Imaging - Save and Present

This webinar will show the basics of our "Save and Present" feature in Dolphin Imaging and Dolphin Management. Join us to see how easily you can seamlessly integrate your questionnaire, patient images, movies (perhaps from Dolphin Aquarium) and other educational images into a straightforward and custom-designed presentation. Your patient can view the presentation with you in the office, and you can also provide a disk for the patient to take home and view at their leisure

Management - Appointment Reminders

This webinar introduces one of our latest features of Dolphin Management; SMS, email and phone reminders.  Learn how to quickly and easily perform scripted appointment reminders over the phone. You will also learn how to send text and email appointment reminders directly from Dolphin!

Management - Front Office Management

Learn how to process patient appointments efficiently using Dolphin Management's key front office tools.  Enable Checkout wizard to allow simple schedule searches and payment processing to occur at the same time!  Brush up on schedule shortcuts and other tools that allow front office scheduling to be made easier and faster.

Imaging - Dolphin Imaging Viewer

This webinar will cover the new Dolphin Imaging Viewer software, including where to get the viewer, installing the viewer, and using the viewer (including adding a patient). We will also discuss how to provide the patient information to the receiving office so they can access it in the Dolphin Viewer.

Imaging - 3D Reporting Tool

Join us for an overview of this efficient method of saving and presenting specific patient images from your 3D study, and printing, saving or sending this information in a professional and custom-designed format.

Imaging - Clinical Photography

This session will cover what to look for in a clinical camera, how to set up your photography area, what types of mirrors and retractors to use, and then a brief overview of tips and tricks to get the best possible clinical photos.

Management - Financial Contracts and Related Items

In this webinar, we will discuss setting up billing party contracts. As we move through setting up the contract we will also review key items such as treatment discounts, insurance billing codes and non-contract charges..

Management - Financial Adjustments

Join us for this webinar which highlights the proper use of adjustments within the ledger. We will cover some basic everyday scenarios, such as the proper way to transfer money from an insurance ledger to a billing party ledger, vice versa and much more.

Imaging - 3D Implant Planning (Hosted by Dr. Paul Thomas)

Dr. Thomas is adjunct professor of orthodontics and oral and maxillofacial surgery at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and held the post of senior research fellow at the Eastman Dental Institute for Oral Health Care Sciences in London, England from 2003 - 2007. He is uniquely qualified as both an oral surgeon and an orthodontist.

Management - Practice Analysis

This webinar will focus on using the interactive tool we call Practice Analysis.  Learn how to obtain data on your patient statuses, procedure counts and financials.  The Practice Analysis was the first interactive report tool in Dolphin Management.  Join us in exploring the many features it has to offer.

Management - Basic Insurance (USA)

This webinar will introduce insurance into the contract set up. We will discuss the insurance policy and benefits screen and then continue to review the insurance queue. Please join us in learning how to properly set up insurance policies in Dolphin Managment in order to track and manage your insurance accounts in the most efficient manner.

Management - Basics of Scheduling

Join us in learning the basics of Dolphin Management Scheduling. This webinar will highlight all of our best scheduling features including recent updates. We designed this class for practices new to Dolphin and anyone who wants a refresher course on our scheduling module.

Imaging - Tips & Tricks

This course will cover some of the fun and exciting details of the Dolphin Imaging program. So often we use just a portion of a program, and this webinar will take you on a tour of some of the time-saving and just plain “cool” features of the Dolphin Imaging program.

Management - Alerts and Comments

Using your Alerts module the correct way can be an easy way of communicating valuable patient information within your practice. Join us as we teach you how to properly set up Alerts as well as show you ideas that we have seen implemented in other practices. This webinar will also touch on using your patient comments to accurately record phone conversations, promises to pay and treatment related discussions with other doctors!

Imaging - Powerful Powerpoint Presentations

This webinar session will help walk you through the basics of creating a PowerPoint presentation (in Office 2010), and then we will cover the easiest ways to share your Dolphin images, movies, 3D images and Aquarium movies using this powerful media. Learn to create PowerPoint presentations for your patients, referring doctors, Dolphin patient check-in and for adding slides to the Save and Present feature in Dolphin. Join us for an fun and informative session!

Management - Introduction to Charlene White's SOS Module

Dolphin Management has plugged into acclaimed practice management consultant Charlene White's valuable expertise to create this Dolphin Legend Series module. In this session she will be discussing her methods, gathered from 25 years working with orthodontic clients. See how the Charlene White's (SOS) Systematic Office Solutions software module will benefit your practice. Please note that this is not the training module on HOW to use the software. This is meant for you and your team to understand the methods behind the software, and have a chance to meet with Charlene White herself.

Management - Recurring Payments

This webinar will highlight Dolphin’s Recurring Payment feature. Learn how to set up future scheduled payments and process them in the most efficient manner. Discover a more organized way to store patient credit card information for automatic processing of multiple payments. Topics will include PC Charge Pro, editing existing recurring payments and the newest version's screen options

Imaging - Treatment Simulation

Use the Dolphin Imaging Treatment Simulation to plan your treatment, from the start to the finish, including growth prediction, CR/CO comparison, surgical movements and expansion, extractions or IPR. Compare various treatment plans and options, and keep track of the sequence of treatments and surgical movements. This comprehensive session will have allow you to explore all aspects of this in-depth treatment planning tool.

Imaging - Custom Analysis Editor

Learn how to use the Custom Analysis Editor to create or modify the Dolphin Imaging analyses to suit your individual needs. Add or remove measurements from existing analyses, or create a fully customized analysis. Learn how to use the various search features to find existing measurements, as well as change and modify norms according to gender, age and race. Sort, re-order and modify the printed measurement table, or customize the placement of your measurements on the ceph tracing. Learn to create your own fully customized analysis for your practice specific needs.

Aquarium - Overview

Learn how to quickly access favorite content, customize content, create playlists, export your favorite videos to other programs, share with patients, and more.

Imaging - 3D Basics

This is a great session for those who are new to Dolphin 3D or just need a little refresher. Learn how to import a DICOM file and get the most out of your volume. Orient the image, measure distances, even segment, clip and sculpt for the up-close views of anatomy that will help you make the right diagnosis and treatment plan.

Imaging - 3D Advanced

Are you keeping up with the growing tool set in Dolphin 3D? Learn first-hand how to analyze the sinus/airway; superimpose volumes from different time points; wrap a 2D photo on a 3D volume; evaluate symmetry; and more.

Imaging - 3D Building X-rays

All the information in a 3D dataset can easily be transformed into traditional 2D x-ray with tools in Dolphin 3D. Generate any number of slices – you determine the thickness and viewpoint. Create x-rays of TMJ, nerve canals, cross sections, panoramic, and more. Built-in rulers allow for exact measurements of anatomy.